Aaron Barrett

What is a dartographer?

dar·tog·raph·er /därˈtäɡrəfər/ noun - a developer with a passion for gaming and elegant code. The dartographer uses the Dart programming language to build innovative graphics and animation.

Aaron Barrett is the dartographer

Aaron lives in San Francisco. A startup veteran and a master of many a programming language (C++, Objective-C, and Lua to name a few), he strives to write code that is easy to understand. Aaron is the founder of Cool Yeti Games, a company that makes apps for iOS and Android. He’s busy working on a game right now.


Dart is a general-purpose open-source programming language originally developed by Google. Designed to be fast, portable, and approachable, Dart is setting a new standard for developer productivity. While Dart is gaining momentum as a web and mobile powerhouse, Aaron sees even greater potential for Dart in gaming. In fact, he’s currently using Dart to build his own cross-platform game engine.


Over the course of his career, Aaron has distinguished himself by building slick visual effects and animations entirely from code. From Bézier curves to shader pipelines, Aaron has built it all. Most recently, he ported his game engine’s codebase from OpenGL to Apple’s Metal API.


Contact information

You can reach Aaron at aaron@aaronbarrett.com. He is currently available for hire.