I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this weekend when a slick animation caught my eye.



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Posted by App Store on Friday, January 18, 2019

It looked strangely familiar. The app is Elevate, from the company where I (Aaron) used to work! And the game is Processing, one I helped design and prototype. I even wrote the code for the original version included when Elevate launched. Processing has since been renovated with more modern artwork (They did a stellar job!), but the soul of the game is the same. I couldn’t be more proud! 😎

Congratulations to the team at Elevate, who are constantly innovating to build one of the most beautiful apps on the App Store. It’s no wonder that Apple and Google continue to shower you with accolades. 🏆 I can’t wait to see what incredible experiences you launch next!


I realized I should not miss this opportunity to brag shamelessly about my old team. Apple’s editorial staff absolutely loves Elevate. They awarded it App of the Year in 2014. It’s also won Editor’s Choice, App of the Month, App of the Day, and has been featured by the App Store’s Facebook account on many occasions over the years. And that’s just from Apple. Google has also awarded Elevate their Editor’s Choice award, and Elevate is prominently featured on Google Play. I’m proud to say that I played a part in this amazing company, and I’m thrilled that I can continue to watch their successes unfold. I also hear they’re hiring. 😉